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What is a SMEG Fridge?

A Smeg fridge is a refrigerator produced by the Smeg Corporation. The headquarters for Smeg is based in Italy. This company has a philosophy which is centered on design, details, performance and style. Products, including their refrigerators, are designed to be durable, functional and to last.

The Smeg fridges are free standing refrigerators that come in a variety of colors. The color choices include black, blue, cream, lime green, orange, pastel blue, pastel green, pink, red and silver.

The free standing fridge with rounded corners and a single lever door gives a classy, vintage feel to the Smeg line of refrigerators. However, the interior gives functionality and incorporates the use of technology to blend the past design with the present benefits of technology. The antibacterial interior features two compartments, a top freezer and five glass shelves. Three of the shelves are adjustable shelves. One shelf is a bottle storage shelf and one shelf is a fixed shelf. The two box compartments are designed to be used as a dairy box and a fruit and vegetable container. The freezer compartment contains one ice cube tray.

Located on the door are six adjustable bins, two bottle bins and two egg bins. The door hinges can be ordered for either the left or right side. The Smeg refrigerator is twenty-three inches wide and less than five feet tall. This makes the Smeg refrigerator an ideal refrigerator for those who live in small places but still want functionality and style. Smeg fridges are refrigerators with style.

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