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SMEG Retro Fridges – What Are They?

Certain names have long been familiar to workers in the cooling industry. The name “Fridgidaire” has appeared on countless American refrigerators. Now, however, a growing number of people are asking, “What are Smeg Retro Fridges?”

All of the Smeg fridges have a retro design, a look that resembles the look of refrigerators made in the 1950s. Then each refrigerator had hinges on the side of the door. The design of the fridge would determine how that door could open–to the right or to the left.

Back then every refrigerator had a freezer on the top and a cooling section down below. Then, every fridge had curved corners at the top. People did not store things on top of the refrigerator.

Now the Smeg appliances look much like that older style of “ice box.” Yet this new type of refrigerator has some interesting new features. First of all, it has an antibacterial interior.

Naturally, homemakers should welcome the arrival of an appliance that can reduce chances for the growth of bacteria in a refrigerated item. Still, homemakers are not the only people who care about the proximity of bacteria and cooled items. The men and women who run research labs also rely on the cleanliness of a refrigerator. They too should welcome the introduction of Smeg appliances.

Now safety should be a principle concern in any lab. Therefore, the person who orders equipment for the lab must get the safest type of equipment. Is it safe to use a hinged door in a lab?

The makers of the Smeg fridge have specified the conditions under which their product can perform satisfactorily in any setting. Smeg literature states that there must be a gap of 12 1/4 inches on the hinged side of a door, in order to allow that door to open. Upon adherence to that requirement, a laboratory ought to be ready for delivery of a Smeg Retro cooling unit.

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