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SMEG Fridge Colors

SMEG is famous for its sleek design concept and its use of off-beat and unexpected colors. You can immediately tell when you encounter a SMEG product, because it will stand out against all the rest. This is why SMEG is an icon in the world today. The decision to buy a SMEG is easy because these are some of the most well made appliances on the market today. In addition, their style and design is appealing to most consumers. The hardest part of buying a SMEG is deciding which of the amazing colors you want to compliment your kitchen.

The SMEG fridges of today resemble the originals in many ways. The design style is still sleek and modern. Today’s refrigerators by SMEG may be retro in style but they are fully modern to today’s standards. Models can be either free standing or built in models for custom kitchens. SMEG’s still come in the wide variety of colors they are famous for. New fridges today offered in colors such as lime green, pink, silver, blue, yellow, orange, red, baby blue, lavender and pale green. SMEG also offers traditional colors for traditional sorts. There are sleek SMEG’s in silver, black, cream stainless steel and white. SMEG also offers refrigerators that come with a custom pattern design instead of being colored with a single hue. There are SMEGS designed with the Union Jack, the British flag design. SMEG also has fridges with a pattern of brightly colored stripes.

A brightly colored SMEG fridge can turn your kitchen into an art gallery. Adding other SMEG products to your retro kitchen will complete the look. Sleek cookers and innovative washers by SMEG will complete the kitchen’s modern retro SMEG look. Cookers, washers, and other appliances come in sleek colors and styles as well, but the line of refrigerators takes the lead in custom colorizing. Customizing a kitchen by adding in a brightly colored refrigerator by SMEG will not only make it more stylish, it will also last you a lifetime. You can still find original 1950’s SMEG fridges working in kitchens today. This is a testament to their quality craftsmanship. SMEG fridges and their unique color lines are a statement about art and quality.

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